Welcome to Our Missions Page!

Here you will find information about the current missions and missionaries that our church is supporting.

  • John & Gwen Johnson

    John and Gwen Johnson are Global Strategy regional coordinators for Africa. John and Gwen's role is facilitating healthy spaces for the Church of God in Africa to thrive. They travel throughout the region, working in collaboration with national leaders to develop regional ministry strategies and country-specific strategies, cultivating relationships within the Church of God across Africa, connecting the church across the region. They also oversee projects and missionaries in the region, providing pastoral care and supervision.

  • Brian & Julie Fischer

    Brian is the Executive Director and Julie is the Office Manager for Teens For Christ Connection. Teens For Christ Connection (TFC) is a rural ministry reaching out to the mission field of teenagers in rural communities across Northwest Kansas and Southwest Nebraska. In rural communities where youth ministry programs and resources are limited, TFC desires to partner with churches to meet this need. Whether this is through providing community youth groups, coaching those already working with youth, or supplying resources and extra curricular activities for area ministries, TFC desires to connect teens with the truth of Jesus Christ and equip them to live out the Great Commission.

  • "Camp Joy is a non-profit Christian Bible camp. Our goal is to spread the good news of the Gospel, so that all that come through may know the joy of Salvation through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior."

  • Phil Zimmerman - Cedine Ministries

    Cedine Ministries is a ministry to all ages, from juniors to whole families; a fun Bible based summer camp, a rapidly developing year-round retreat and conference center; a community outreach of Bible clubs and classes, Bible quizzing, home visitation, prison and hospital ministries, and literature distribution; and a Bible correspondence ministry of instruction from primary age through college level.